Adult Education

Adult Education and Spiritual Formation

The Christian faith is a relationship with God and with each other. Our emotions, our intellect, and what we do physically, enhance our relationships with each other and with God. This is Christian formation. Therefore, Christian education draws from multiple experiences. First is our participation in worship. In addition, we spend time with God in prayer, by reading the Bible, by sharing our thoughts and experiences with each other and through serving God’s people. The Church of the Epiphany offers many ways to experience worship, prayer, the Bible and service. Come join us for fellowship, conversation, and reflection at any or all events. We look forward to seeing you there.


    Spiritual Formation How-To Guide

    Current Spiritual Formation Opportunities at Epiphany


Elaine Pope, Director of Adult Christian Education

After retiring as a research and development technologist for Intel Corporation, Elaine Pope is a student at Fuller Theological Seminary at the Phoenix campus. She is interested in Christian formation, ecumenical dialogue, and the intersection of theology and science. Her current studies include Christian spiritual formation practices across denominations – from Orthodox to Quaker. She has been practicing various forms of Christ-centered meditation for over 15 years. Elaine has a Master of Science in Materials Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and an MBA in Management of Technology from University of Phoenix. She is a Stephen Minister, retreat leader, certified instructor of Centering Prayer and has facilitated Bible studies and small groups for over 20 years. Elaine’s passions are helping adults experience their relationship with God more fully, ecumenical shared worship, and a connected community in Christ. She brings these experiences to her role as Director of Adult Christian Education at Epiphany.


Please contact the Parish Office for information on Adult Education.