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Welcome to Church of the Epiphany-Tempe! We are a local congregation of The Episcopal Church and all are welcome here. We are an inclusive and diverse congregation, believing in community, shared prosperity, mutual care of one another, stewardship of the earth, peacemaking equality and human rights.

Our outreach program is especially vital. We believe that everyone possesses God’s-given talents that can be celebrated through service to their community. Our choir and associated musical offerings are a strong and central part of our public worship, in which we especially emphasize hope-filled, quality preaching. Christian education for adults is available in various forms, including our own on-line courses. As a visitor, you will immediately notice a dynamic commitment to ministry for children and youth.

Church of the Epiphany-Tempe promises visitors a warm welcome, thought-provoking sermons and engaging conversations.

You are welcome here.

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